Resort Tours

Virtual Tours of Hotels and Resorts
Our Virtual tours are available with a simple layout including thumbnail and arrow navigation to your ultra advanced layout with multiple floor maps. Our Advanced layouts can include radar navigation, still image popups links to sites and videos or even real live streaming video. Imagine watching your resort promotion video while you view a TV monitor within the tour.

Royal Living – Simple Layout with Arrow & thumbnail navigation

Ark Bar Resort – Simple Layout with thumbnail & arrow navigation & logo

Ark Bar Resort


Sairee Cottage Diving Resort Koh Tao – Advanced Layout with sidebar navigation, logo and embedded video

Sairee Cottage


Artrium Resort Samui – Simple Layout

Artrium Resort Samui


Chor Chang Villa Resort – Simple Layout with Arrow & thumbnail navigation

Chor Chang Villa Resort


Many features and add ons can be inserted into a tour.  A tour can begin with a few panoramas and add more as your business and web presence grows.

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